About Dr. Meg

There’s a reason parents and kids feel gratitude and relief when Dr. Meg Murray, educational psychologist and owner of Be Alright Tutoring, steps into their lives.

  • Is it her athletic career, which includes playing for the UConn Huskies™ in the mid-1980s under famed Coach Geno Auriemma?
  • Or, is it her life after college, which includes acing as a sports psychologist for the elite athletes of NASCAR™, the NFL™ and PGA™ along with Wimbledon champ Mary Pierce?
  • Is it her experience working with special needs’ children and families?

“We are a family resource offering traditional academic lessons, educational support, individual coaching, and child advocacy with specialized experience in special needs, traditional schooling, alternative schooling and navigating mainstream school administration. It’s a mouthful.”

-Dr. Meg Murray