What Are The Benefits Of Tutoring: A Complete Guide

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Are you thinking about signing your child up for tutoring? Many parents are hesitant to sign their child up for tutoring because they don’t want to burden them with additional schoolwork. 

Many parents also worry that tutoring will be a burden in addition to a child’s already busy schedule. But tutoring offers many benefits for children. No matter where your child is at in their learning journey, they can benefit from having a tutor. 

Why should you hire a tutor for your child? Read on below to learn about the top advantages of tutoring sessions. 

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Benefits of Tutoring

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Here are just a few of the reasons you should hire a tutor for your child:

1. Personalized Approach and Pace

Every child learns at their own pace and benefits from a unique learning style. The way your child learns and how fast they learn may not be conducive to their current classroom environment

Generally speaking, there are four main learning styles:

  • Visual Learning: Visual learners are partial to seeing and observing things such as pictures, written directions, and diagrams. Smart boards and whiteboards tend to help visual learners. 
  • Auditory Learning: Auditory learners prefer sound reinforcement. They would rather listen to a lecture instead of reading notes. Auditory learners tend to feel comfortable with speaking up in class and they’re excellent at verbal explanations. Audio tapes, music, and videos can help auditory learners. 
  • Kinesthetic Learning: Also known as tactile learners, kinesthetic learners prefer to do and experience things. They prefer to act out events and do hands-on projects to understand concepts. 
  • Reading/Writing Learning: These learners absorb information by doing research, writing essays, and reading books. They prefer to express their ideas on paper. 

The tutor will take time to figure out your child’s learning style and incorporate it into their sessions. They’ll also ensure that the child learns at their own pace.

In a classroom environment, the teacher must stay on pace with the designated curriculum. When students start to fall behind, there’s only so much a teacher can do to keep them up to speed. Hiring a tutor can help fill in these learning gaps where your child might be falling behind. 

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2. Improved Confidence and Self-esteem

If your child is falling behind in school, it can be a huge blow to their confidence and self-esteem. By working with a tutor one-on-one, your child can become more confident in areas where they’re struggling. 

For many students, classroom environments can be very intimidating. Being called on by a teacher to speak in front of the class can make even the best of students feel nervous. With the skills your child gains through tutoring, they’ll be able to approach the classroom environment with greater confidence

3. Increased Intrinsic Motivation

Some students struggle to stay motivated in traditional classroom learning environments. Your tutor will help present material to your child in a fresh way so they can stay motivated to learn. 

The tutor can also help set goals for your child and develop a reward system to keep them motivated throughout the session and throughout their tutoring curriculum. Finding new ways to stay motivated is sometimes all a student needs to succeed and feel ready to learn. 

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4. Better Performance at School

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One of the most obvious benefits of tutoring is that it helps your child perform better at school. During the initial tutoring sessions, the tutor will work to identify the academic areas where your child needs improvement. 

They’ll then develop a specific curriculum that helps your child catch up to other students and achieve their academic goals. 

You can also contact your child’s teacher for their curriculum and learning materials. You can then present these materials to the tutor so they know exactly where your child is and where they need to be. Most teachers are supportive of out-of-classroom tutoring, so don’t be afraid to get your child’s teacher on board. 

5. More than Just the Syllabus Material

While it can help to contact the teacher for syllabus material, tutoring sessions go far beyond covering what’s in the syllabus. 

Because the tutoring is one-on-one, the tutor can tailor each session to your child’s needs. They can cover topics and materials that are related to the syllabus but not covered in it to help develop their cognitive function and learning abilities. 

6. Helps Develop Critical Thinking

One broader benefit of tutoring that parents often don’t think of is that it helps your child develop critical thinking skills. The tutor can create non-traditional lesson plans and out-of-the-box assignments that will help your child think in ways that they don’t normally do in the classroom. 

In classroom settings, children sometimes turn on auto-pilot, so tutoring can help ensure that your child is thinking and learning in fresh ways. 

7. Basic Homework Help

If your child struggles with their homework, it can be a huge roadblock to their academic success. Sometimes, getting caught up on basic homework assignments is all a child needs to get back on track. 

When a child feels confident completing homework, they’ll typically feel more confident with bigger projects and exams

8. Tutors Develop Good Habits

Your tutor can also teach your child how to develop effective learning and studying habits. Oftentimes, it isn’t the material itself that the student struggles with. Instead, it’s finding an effective way to learn the material and stay focused when learning. 

Your tutor can teach your child techniques that will help them stay focused when studying, feel confident in the classroom, and feel calm when doing exams. 

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As you can see, tutoring offers many benefits to students. For your child to experience all of these benefits, you need to sign them up with the right tutor

It’s important to find a tutor that can adapt to your child’s learning style and bring out their personality. 

Are you looking to hire a tutor for your child? Contact us today! 

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