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With our specialized reading tutoring approach, your child will quickly develop the skills and confidence to get back to their grade level. Our reading tutors are trained to help struggling learners online. If your child is a struggling learner, help them be successful in the classroom and beyond.

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General Mitkin

After just a few months I have seen dramatic change in my son’s reading comprehension. Dr. Meg is very in tune with special needs!

  • Wade J.

    Great experience so far!

    Melyssa M.

    Dr Meg and her staff have been life changers for our family. I became a new addition to a family with a child with dislexia. It wasn’t until I stepped in to help with scholastics; I noticed that he was struggling; very emotional and not able to read directions on the back of a medicine bottle. Dr Meg, JoEllen and Mary worked round the clock to help us assess his needs; diagnose the unique learning difference that he has and map out a plan to help us navigate through the tutoring. Our son LOVES his tutor and actually looks forward to his sessions with her! His grades for this semester were all a,b and c which is the first time ever in his 7 years of school!

    Jacqueline W.

    My daughter loves her reading tutor and went from being a non-reader to 2nd grade level in a few months.

  • Miya M.

    Be Alright Tutoring has relieved my anxiety tremendously. When my son’s kindergarten teacher told us that he wasn’t reading on grade level; I panicked and began to search for a tutor. I talked with Dr. Meg and she assigned my son Kristine as his tutor. Kristine is absolutely the best! She assured me that she will try to get him where he needs to be; and she has done it. My son has now made it to the 1st grade and I have witness how my son has learned so much. He is reading and sounding out words. He even asks questions; (ex. Why don’t we hear the ‘W’ is the word wholesale?) I don’t know if I was impressed about the question itself or the fact he read the word wholesale. I am forever grateful to Be Alright Tutoring! My son loves tutoring with Kristine.

    Christina B.

    Meg has been tutoring my homeschooled son for a year now and since then, he’s learned to read, write and comprehend stories. He loves his time with her and has not once complained about lesson time. Highly recommended!

    Lissa R.

    Dr. Meg has been working with my daughter for several months now. Our experience has been amazing. She is great at what she does and my daughter loves working with her. My daughter struggled with reading, reading comprehension, and was below her grade level prior to working with Dr. Meg. She has made tremendous improvements academically since working with her. She is reading above her grade level currently and continues to excel. I would highly recommend working with her.

  • Sabrina R.

    It was so hard to watch my son struggle with reading. I could see him getting frustrated, and even losing interest. We decided to start working with Meg when we were all out of ideas. Meg was comforting and understanding. My son has loved working with his tutor CaMaye from the very start. He never gives me a hard time about attending his lessons. He has sessions twice a week, and is now reading close to grade level less than 5 months later. We could not be happier or more grateful.

    Lorrina W.

    My son gained the needed confidence to enjoy the process of learning to read, write, and better communicate. The tutoring not only improved his educational endeavours but also helped him better enjoy communicating amongst his peers in the computer gaming world. His confidence gained is invaluable. Thank you so much Dr. Meg for being so patient and encouraging for my sweet boy.

    Nicole C.

    What a life changing experience for my child and myself.

  • Nylisha B.

    Hired February 2020: I wanted to wait awhile before I wrote this review so I can give a fair review

    But I’m overly happy. I can’t express how much my son has progressed since he’s been tutoring with CaMaye. She immediately recognized his weaknesses and began tackling those issue and helping boost his confidence which was a plus because he had big confidence issue with his response.

    He’s now able to put words together and actively reading for his grade level. Now that he has to do remote learning his teacher is quite surprised and see’s the progress he has made. Again, I can not express how beneficial his tutoring has been for him. I definitely recommend this company. You will not be disappointed.

    Thank you guys so much!

    Emily E.

    Dr. Meg and an excellent team! Melissa, her tutor, is the first person to get my son involved in learning to read. With autism and ADHD complicating the reason process, Melissa is extraordinarily patient and kind. She knows how to keep J focused and push him past his comfort zone. This is a fantastic company!

    Iyon R.

    Although, we didn't receive tutoring services at this time-due to scheduling; however Dr. Meg was very responsive and professional. I look forward to working with her and her team in the future.

  • Mike m.

    I needed one composite point on the ACT to get into Northwestern or Princeton. I had 10 tutoring sessions with meg specifically working on reading and English before the September 2019 ACT. My English score went up 4 points from my last ACT score raising my composite score to above what I needed. Meg was very nice, professional and understanding of my expectations. I would definitely recommend her if you need help on the ACT or SAT.

    Barbara C.

    I am very thankful to have found Meg. She has met with my grandson twice and he has told me he feels she is helping him get back on track. She communicates with him at his level, is very professional and keeps me informed. It is obvious she loves what she does.

    Alfred N.

    We have a 6-year old who is having trouble reading. We were hesitant to hire a virtual tutor, but Meg has really made the experience great for our child. She has been asking to read more and more and we look forward to seeing how she progresses. Even our 3 year old is asking for her own reading buddy!

Hi, Dr. Meg here...

Welcome to Sage Reading Tutors! I know the challenge parents experience when their children are struggling academically. As a single mom, I raised two children with special needs. My kids needed tremendous academic support, but the support they needed I was not able to find.

Thats why I have created Sage, to be a family resource offering traditional academic lessons, educational support, individual coaching, and child advocacy. Our reading tutors have specialized experience in special needs, traditional schooling, alternative schooling, and mainstream school administration. ❤️

Our Services

Reading Assessments

We offer ongoing reading assessments to gauge the students’ level of learning and to document their current reading level.

Reading Intervention

Reading Intervention provides students with opportunity to increase reading, writing, test taking, and study skills at any level.

Reading Tutoring

Our tutors are reading specialists that have years of instructional experience with struggling learners. We understand learning differences.

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Our Reading Tutors

Melissa Klayton

10yrs teaching | BA from Brandeis University | Professional Teacher’s Certificate in Grades K-6 | Certification in Early Childhood Education form the Massachusetts Office for Children.

Jacklynn Rivera

6yrs special education | MA from UF in Education | 3yrs Behavior technician for students with autism | Trained in the PCI program and Foundations for Reading Intervention.

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